Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garage bands are better than garage pizza.

I'd like to think being on vacation would be very enjoyable for the entire duration. A time to relax, have fun, and just generally avoid the normal grind. It is in fact usually never like that. For one, my dear fiance was home alone, and not only did I miss her, but I knew she missed me. Second of all, I discovered a bunch of dumb drama that occurred while I was gone that directly and indirectly affected me. All of it very uncalled for. Some of it from people I would actually expect it from, and some of it from people I would NEVER expect it from.

Then something else happened that afterward we kind of made into a sort of joke. We had this slip of paper in our hotel room for a Pizza Place. "Sal's Pizza". I joked that Sal did not sound like someone who should be making pizza, and if he did, he made it off of a truck radiator. We laughed and actually decided that the next day we'd get pizza from there.

We get hungry the next day and make the call. As we wait patiently in our room, I was flipping channels and stopped on the Tourist channel where in big red letters "Warning! Do not order pizza from anyone that leaves fliers under your door. These are often con artists, or if you do get pizza it is often low quality, possibly made in someone's garage"

We both sigh and look at each other quite annoyed. He calls them back, and they say to wait in the lobby. We go down stairs and someone actually does arrive. We get the pizza and wings... go back to our room where we see another flier on our floor for someone else.

We try the pizza... not the worst... but still meh.. The wings on the other hand, they were good, but I am still not sure what parts of the chicken were used...


  1. I'm curious as to what this drama is, I hope it doesn't involve Lisa and I, we only hung out with her one day I felt we all enjoyed our selfs. Send me a message on Twitter or Myspacve or Email

  2. It wasn't

    Edit: and you clearly missed the funny part of the blog :P

  3. Radiator Garage Pizza sounds vaguely post-apoc!

  4. You have a point... FALLOUT LARP!