Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garage bands are better than garage pizza.

I'd like to think being on vacation would be very enjoyable for the entire duration. A time to relax, have fun, and just generally avoid the normal grind. It is in fact usually never like that. For one, my dear fiance was home alone, and not only did I miss her, but I knew she missed me. Second of all, I discovered a bunch of dumb drama that occurred while I was gone that directly and indirectly affected me. All of it very uncalled for. Some of it from people I would actually expect it from, and some of it from people I would NEVER expect it from.

Then something else happened that afterward we kind of made into a sort of joke. We had this slip of paper in our hotel room for a Pizza Place. "Sal's Pizza". I joked that Sal did not sound like someone who should be making pizza, and if he did, he made it off of a truck radiator. We laughed and actually decided that the next day we'd get pizza from there.

We get hungry the next day and make the call. As we wait patiently in our room, I was flipping channels and stopped on the Tourist channel where in big red letters "Warning! Do not order pizza from anyone that leaves fliers under your door. These are often con artists, or if you do get pizza it is often low quality, possibly made in someone's garage"

We both sigh and look at each other quite annoyed. He calls them back, and they say to wait in the lobby. We go down stairs and someone actually does arrive. We get the pizza and wings... go back to our room where we see another flier on our floor for someone else.

We try the pizza... not the worst... but still meh.. The wings on the other hand, they were good, but I am still not sure what parts of the chicken were used...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nerdapalooza day 2

I am home from a trip involving things i thought could never happen. I saw The Megas and the Protomen.

You've heard me rave about The Megas already, and Currently I am uploading videos on Youtube. (scroll down for links!)

Before I get to the Protomen, I was quite surprised and impressed with Schaffer the Darklord. (www.schafferthedarklord.com/)

He was pretty cool.... I just noticed my font changed and cannot seem to changed it... Well, there we go, that was odd. ANYWAYS, He was pretty good.

Then came The Protomen... who tell a dark story of loss, revenge, redemption, tragedy, and violence. With wonderful stage presence and great energy. They work so hard on their craft, I am sure they love what they do. It just makes me sad that the general public is not ready for them, and our Radio influenced masters wish to keep our ears slaves to the same ten songs over and over.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nerdapalooza Day 1

Saturday was a blast as we dove deep into the world of Nerdcore music. We had listened to a few of the bands online, but live music is always different. We really came for 3 bands, but we found more to our liking. My Parents Favorite Music http://www.myspace.com/myparentsfavoritemusic surprised us a lot. As a very energetic Steffo and friend sang their hearts out, and put on quite a set. So much i bought their CD.

Next was quite surprising, and it made me scratch my head as to why these guys are not more popular. Captain Dan and his Scurvy Crew http://www.myspace.com/captaindan
Pirate themed hip hop with a great sound. Great energy, lyircs, and beat! Wonderful live! I bought their CD as well.

Then one of the acts I thought I would never see... The Megas http://www.myspace.com/themegas

These guys were freaking amazing! More energy than i thought possible. Such talent! They made my night. I even got to meet them! http://twitpic.com/a2m4w

It was so awesome to experience music you never hear, because the radio stations are all junk. Radio stations only play the same 10 songs all day, which is really unfair to the music world.... but thats another blog totally.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ideas lost in confusion.

I had a wonderful rant about radio I was going to blog about.... Unfortunately now I feel numb. Now I feel anger. Now I feel unspeakable anguish.

But I will not go into much detail, as I can't type in ultra mega scream mode.

People have problems.. Some of these people are your friends. Our natural response is to help your friends, because you wish not see them suffer. Some of these people when you reach out to them, they slap your hand.

Why is this?

I can't understand people generally speaking...

Other people tell you how unhappy they are, yet do nothing to change it. I guess I can understand it, because it makes them comfortable to stay in that place...

I guess... I dunno...

Was going to have a fun weekend, but now I have too much on my mind. Will the music help?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Time for Change!

I have run into an annoying problem several times in my life. One that I cannot seem to wrap my head around... I know the reason, but the reason makes no freaking sense! It is all really just poor planning by businesses. What problem you ask? "Oh sorry, we don't have change for that hundred." Or even worse a lousy "fifty".

I understand, the whole "It's early and we have not made enough transactions to have change" thing... but honestly, that's just downright lazy! It must be such a terrible day where you have to turn down American currency... How about this little idea... Maybe you could make sure there is change! You know those things I hate, well turns out they are a necessary evil in some cases... Go to a freaking bank and make sure you can accept all forms of US currency.

Here is a list of the following denominations you will have to work with in case you have are unclear.


So please take note.

As Americans, we use American currency. To be told "Oh, we can't take that" in reference to a type of money that has the US logo and such on it, just baffles me.

On a side note, ever been hanging out with friends and you say "hey lets order some food so we can keep hanging here and not drive 10 or so people out somewhere, we can just split the bill" And then the couple of guys say "Oh, we dont carry cash, we just have credit"

Thanks buzzkills! You guys need to take that plastic and eat it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Deposit into Narnia

Today is July third. As I drive around the city I notice many banks are closed. I scratch my head a little. They claim it is to celebrate July 4th. Interesting, I think. I look at the calender on my phone once again and notice it's July 3rd... Then I begin to think: "How does one celebrate July 4th on July 3rd?" Hmmm.... Well perhaps they are celebrating today, and coming in to work tomorrow. We all know that's wrong... This really annoys me for some reason. Why not just say "Sorry, we will be closed tomorrow because we are lazy". So because a holiday falls on a day which people normally do not work (well, saturdays banks are open HALF the day, so I guess taking half a day off does not count) they have to take full day off. So now as I think about it, they are taking a day and a half to celebrate July 4th.

I did notice not all banks are taking today off though, so some people are slightly less annoying today.

But Banks are still evil, in my eyes. Alright lets walk through a normal transaction in my daily life. I go to the bank and give them some of MY money and ask them to put it in MY account. It happens to be Friday at lets say, oh.... 3 or so. So they tell me the transaction is complete. Saturday rolls around and I need to write a check for something important, So I go online to make sure I have the right amount in my account... Then the madness begins. For some wacky reason my money is not in the account. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?! How come, if you make a deposit on a friday, chances are it wont be in your account till tuesday! Where is my damn money?! Narnia?! I did not give you money so you could let some half goat freak hang on to it. Ugh.... I hate banks....