Monday, July 13, 2009

Nerdapalooza day 2

I am home from a trip involving things i thought could never happen. I saw The Megas and the Protomen.

You've heard me rave about The Megas already, and Currently I am uploading videos on Youtube. (scroll down for links!)

Before I get to the Protomen, I was quite surprised and impressed with Schaffer the Darklord. (

He was pretty cool.... I just noticed my font changed and cannot seem to changed it... Well, there we go, that was odd. ANYWAYS, He was pretty good.

Then came The Protomen... who tell a dark story of loss, revenge, redemption, tragedy, and violence. With wonderful stage presence and great energy. They work so hard on their craft, I am sure they love what they do. It just makes me sad that the general public is not ready for them, and our Radio influenced masters wish to keep our ears slaves to the same ten songs over and over.


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