Friday, July 3, 2009

Deposit into Narnia

Today is July third. As I drive around the city I notice many banks are closed. I scratch my head a little. They claim it is to celebrate July 4th. Interesting, I think. I look at the calender on my phone once again and notice it's July 3rd... Then I begin to think: "How does one celebrate July 4th on July 3rd?" Hmmm.... Well perhaps they are celebrating today, and coming in to work tomorrow. We all know that's wrong... This really annoys me for some reason. Why not just say "Sorry, we will be closed tomorrow because we are lazy". So because a holiday falls on a day which people normally do not work (well, saturdays banks are open HALF the day, so I guess taking half a day off does not count) they have to take full day off. So now as I think about it, they are taking a day and a half to celebrate July 4th.

I did notice not all banks are taking today off though, so some people are slightly less annoying today.

But Banks are still evil, in my eyes. Alright lets walk through a normal transaction in my daily life. I go to the bank and give them some of MY money and ask them to put it in MY account. It happens to be Friday at lets say, oh.... 3 or so. So they tell me the transaction is complete. Saturday rolls around and I need to write a check for something important, So I go online to make sure I have the right amount in my account... Then the madness begins. For some wacky reason my money is not in the account. WHERE THE HELL IS IT?! How come, if you make a deposit on a friday, chances are it wont be in your account till tuesday! Where is my damn money?! Narnia?! I did not give you money so you could let some half goat freak hang on to it. Ugh.... I hate banks....

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  1. Well, you know, they all use computers to deposit your money. And naturally, the speed of light is about 3 miles per hour, so that's how long it takes to get from their computers to your ATM!