Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nerdapalooza Day 1

Saturday was a blast as we dove deep into the world of Nerdcore music. We had listened to a few of the bands online, but live music is always different. We really came for 3 bands, but we found more to our liking. My Parents Favorite Music surprised us a lot. As a very energetic Steffo and friend sang their hearts out, and put on quite a set. So much i bought their CD.

Next was quite surprising, and it made me scratch my head as to why these guys are not more popular. Captain Dan and his Scurvy Crew
Pirate themed hip hop with a great sound. Great energy, lyircs, and beat! Wonderful live! I bought their CD as well.

Then one of the acts I thought I would never see... The Megas

These guys were freaking amazing! More energy than i thought possible. Such talent! They made my night. I even got to meet them!

It was so awesome to experience music you never hear, because the radio stations are all junk. Radio stations only play the same 10 songs all day, which is really unfair to the music world.... but thats another blog totally.


  1. Sounds like the music helped!

  2. Hey, the radio plays The Offspring! which is about 5 days away!