Monday, July 6, 2009

Time for Change!

I have run into an annoying problem several times in my life. One that I cannot seem to wrap my head around... I know the reason, but the reason makes no freaking sense! It is all really just poor planning by businesses. What problem you ask? "Oh sorry, we don't have change for that hundred." Or even worse a lousy "fifty".

I understand, the whole "It's early and we have not made enough transactions to have change" thing... but honestly, that's just downright lazy! It must be such a terrible day where you have to turn down American currency... How about this little idea... Maybe you could make sure there is change! You know those things I hate, well turns out they are a necessary evil in some cases... Go to a freaking bank and make sure you can accept all forms of US currency.

Here is a list of the following denominations you will have to work with in case you have are unclear.


So please take note.

As Americans, we use American currency. To be told "Oh, we can't take that" in reference to a type of money that has the US logo and such on it, just baffles me.

On a side note, ever been hanging out with friends and you say "hey lets order some food so we can keep hanging here and not drive 10 or so people out somewhere, we can just split the bill" And then the couple of guys say "Oh, we dont carry cash, we just have credit"

Thanks buzzkills! You guys need to take that plastic and eat it!

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  1. You are right - once in a while I have a fifty and it's hard to get rid of. :)