Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Favorite movies

Everyone has their favorite movies, but why are they your favorite? For me, its many things. I like most of the characters. The story is really good. Decent sound track can help. It isn't the same thing. It's something i can watch at any time and still enjoy it.

Most of the time, it can be quite troublesome making lists, especially for favorite things in some form of media. Tastes always eb and flow. I think that's why my top five is so special to me... They are all so solid I always come back to them. Sure there are great movies out there I can also see almost any time... but that's the thing... ALMOST. Lots of close contenders, like any of the Kevin Smith films. There's also when you see a movie in theaters and you want to see it again... But that's because its good and fresh, but will it last the test of time?

I'd like to go over in detail the top five movies that I believe outshine all my other favorites. (keep in mind, i hold the Star Wars series as much more then cinema, so it will not be featured in this blog.)

I will go ahead and give you number 5 to wet your appetite.

5. Battle Royale

This is a Japanese classic for me. It is a tale of a wacky government ploy to cut the population of rebelious youth.

Basically, every year schools send their graduating class to an island, where they are forced to kill eachother. (Brutal i know!) There can only be one survivor. It follows closely on two main characters who don't really want to kill...

I like to think of it as a Lord of the Flies EXTREME. There is plenty of dark humor to go around. The violence can be a little over the top, but its not gorey. For me, i find myself getting attatched to several of the characters for different reasons. The teacher i feel is a little misunderstood, but because of this the students hate him, therefor he ends up becoming bitter... but its also shown he has a terrible home life as well.

There was a sequal, but its nothing like the original and far too over the top.

stay tuned for 4-1

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