Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick off topic, then to number four.

Sorry for the brief inactivity, but i've been slightly busy adding to our family. Sunday we finished our fence. This made monday an exciting day (well after work anyways). We went to the Humane Society and picked out a dog. We saw a lot of dogs, but we narrowed our list down to three. One was already held for a family, so there was that idea. Another had terrible diarrhea, so we would have to wait a few weeks to get him... It was all down to a chow mix they had named Twilight(facepalm). We took her for a walk, and she was so sweet! We knew we had to get her... So we did. But the vets warned us saying "Oh, our records show she likes to chase cats, and outright hates them".
We thought for a moment, then shrugged and said "We will see how it goes"

Well we took her out to the car which she hopped right in and rode very well. Once we got home she seemed happy to be in a nice big yard. Malygos(our cat) was watching in the window with a look of disgust.

We decided to rename "Twilight" to Seven (after Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager, yes we are nerds :P )
So we let Seven inside, on the leash just in case. She saw Malygos and wandered towards her, their noses met, and Malygos hissed. Seven just turned around and wagged her tail! So we unleashed her and she walked around the house looking. She met up with Malygos again. A sniff and a wag of the tail. Hates cats my butt!

Malygos was still put off by her, and has been hiding a lot... But she is slowly coming around and being more social.

Seven is such a good girl.

Ok, Back on Topic.

My fourth favorite movie is Clockwork Orange. Man, this movie is just filled with everything. The whole movie sets a mood for you, and you go from hating to loving Alex back and forth throughout. Malcolm McDowell does an excellent job portraying Alex. From the way he speaks, to the way he simply holds himself.

In my personal opinion this is one of Kubrick's finest works. Dr Strangelove is pretty good too... His version of the Shining is as well.

Stay tuned for 3!

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